Le Premier Mot

It seems that after something traumatic happens, we seek change that will erase the memories of our past selves. Rather than a haircut or potentially a tattoo, were I daring enough, I chose to start this blog (the safest of my alternatives surely).

What is it that I want to come of all this? The answer is opposite of what I should want perhaps. Might I be seeking to organize my thoughts in perfect harmony so to mend some chaos? As I said, perhaps it is the opposite.

Le Premier Mot, The First Word, the first step, the first start…the first real?
This is just what I am doing and the intentions will willingly fade as the words crumble together on what I describe as far too much clarity for anything creative to shine.

There shan’t be a syllabus for what I share and if that makes it right then please welcome me into the freshly pressed juice bar as I leave you with this premier mot.


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