Thanks Friend

Most things worth doing and life changing are to be done alone. How they are planned and arranged in this way is a question that may be answered by philosophy or religion, something that will justify and comfort for the loneliness that is felt during the voyage to self improvement and growth. Cheating this system then, becomes impossible and censured for reasons that inevitably reveal themselves after efforts to unlawfully bend what has been so correctly instituted. 

A struggling love life that has been so dramatically altered in the duration of only a few months so much that you hardly define it as a love life at all. Now it is beginning to simply become life, and unfold with a series of revelations that permit coping bearable. There is no “we” and no “us” that is sturdy enough to withstand an emotionally displaced heart, and there is no heart in such a state that could muster sufficient energy to utter the words “we” or “us” without guilt and remorse. And there is no body that could even fairly refer to its center as “heart” without shame or embarrassment less the body were satisfied in its own resources so to regard itself objectively and subjectively and in conjunction with other bodies and feel possessed identifying itself among others with gratification and self deserved egotism.


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