The Ram and The Earth

There was not much that one was able to do without the other for the longest time known to them both. They were as different as different could be and still together was a balance of harmonious emotional giving that allowed them circle each other despite the outstanding challenges that came from one that harbors and gives and one who plays and takes.

The Earth that lived in that world was a being of complete incompleteness that healed over wounds with the thick mossy bandage that formed natural from her bountiful nature. Her skin was blue water that flowed in continuous pattern, her hair were thousands of long, green leaves of grass covered in dew and autumn like colors that rustled in the wind that came from her breath; her eyes two large, black, glistening raw orbs of tourmaline, and her heart…the secret to the existence of life was a core of hot, burning fire, lava, an unimaginable force that even to her was as mysterious as her life. She was the Earth in a world where she was not the only one; as if in an alternate universe she was living in a snow globe where there were two and she was within.

Resting upon the limestone that she moistened with her skin she found herself with another being. He was handsome, tall, powerful in his stance which only magnified the majesty of his exquisite horns that grew large and twisted in spirals without bending back. His body was covered by the thickest brown fur that resembled freshly turned dirt when it is light and frothy. The goatee hanging low to the ground flickered against his muscular legs…all of him was muscular, and that which was not, his eyes, could not have been a deeper green so as to look at her hair reflected in the sunlight. Upon reaching her, the silence between them created a palpable energy; he came closest to her and she lifted up her hands so that he may drink from her.


Here forward, there was no reticence between them. It was as uncomplicated as could possibly be made simple. She had given him what he needed and he had given her what she wanted: water in exchange for the fulfillment of being desired and primary. No matter how much The Ram took from The Earth, she only grew to be more powerful than before and as did he. Their relationship became what was appropriate at the time and it was defined as love because what could be more than love than to thirst and hunger.

When The Ram quenched his insatiable thirst, he walked off the world and into the next. The Earth was left alone in an unfamiliar dwelling and for some time she roamed, going into the sea and swimming to the next  shore. There, in new lands she found a secluded boulder of rose quartz and insolated her wet flesh until again another drank from her warmer waters. The encounters were brief, each took only a little for himself, but with every sip her molten heart hardened and released to make for her the strongest core she had known.

She sat in the sun’s rays where she had walked to the dessert and with her fire burned insides, her skin dried and evaporated into the clouds still within the same world.


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