Checking Off

I stared off with a list, two columns wide

with bullet pointed letters and dots on all my ‘i’s

The first five were easy, I had written them first

But six and on were obstacles that challenged my thirst.

And while I got on through, checks along the side

there was one bullet point that caught my eye

Number 10 pushed the limits of everything I had tried

it would be the deciding point of my new adult life.

I wondered if it would be difficult to choose the right path

I had only known specific love and care, I counted on it, I’d done the math.

So I check off success, slowly, with care to minute detail

thinking quickly and jagged like a summertime freetail.

I was far more than young, I was little when I wrote my list.

The ink was dry and grey and the paper crinkled at the tip.

Simply by confirming with the first completed task,

I had proven that I was more than some girl’s past.

I was a future, still not begun, ready to compete

with all the proposed interference waiting and scheming just for me.

But aside from present pasts, and a mind that wandered to “what-if’s”

I had grown up past the humor of tips, lies and tricks.

This was a new gal, eyes on the prize, mind made up, dreams in her eyes…

far to say, I am on number six only four more while I stay.


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