Silence: ‘Calumniator’ and other negative adjectives

Silence is the unpretentious friend of the mind, the ego of imagination, and the voice of understanding reserving judgment. Location – undisclosed.

I wish I knew where you were, I wish you were not expert in hiding, I wish you resided in a hole upon which I could stumble into – characterized by a depth generous enough to drag out of when the sun is not high in the sky.

The advantage of not knowing you? I can rewind images, I can ignore noise, I can imagine options, but how can I envision the dark?

The reason I want to know you? Is it because I struggle between solace and escape? I am a greedy glutton for perfection, I scoff at closure, I pride on strength, and on my selfish odyssey, your steady drum beat resonates…but…our friendship would be short-lived. For every positive identifier you have beeee4349be7596d96e1d1d5b1b3772e27cn donned with, I also see something in you as if from a dream – a nightmare.

You are an unforgiving friend, if friend I could call you. Detractor. Appeaser of weltering, purulent cerebration, the driver of depression ready to sock at my light with every attempt to stand. Eidolon – I learned the word to describe you, and there I peg another notch. What word, what experience could you offer me? Paint for me a lifetime of mistakes so that I may not risk this one life to make them.

Oh Mephistopheles! Seek another to toy with, I want no scholarship of yours! Fill me with the music of angels so that I may breathe in caterwauling screeches and exhale music. I will let you hide without objection for another day.



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