Mr. Sneaker-man

Mr. Sneaker-man tiptoes around my nature with his laces tied

You are so precise, how quick to notice discomposure around your person, how quick to clean the scuff from your leather – do not miscalculate again

Mr. Sneaker-man steps into my life

What size do you wear sir? You’re footprints are deep in the soft of my despair

Mr. Sneaker-man jumps on my soul

I have only full admiration for how you leap and hover across this amplitude of the zone. Unperturbed by obstruction, puddles plunge into the tongue of your shoe. Keep my beat going

Mr. Sneaker-man flounders under my unforgiving, unrelenting, cruel acrimony

Heart attack. It drained you, suffocated you of your exhilaration – can you still find the euphoria in your steps? In your jumps? Jubilation cramping with every spasm

Mr. Sneaker-man unlaces the cotton-made bands to which he was secured

Barefoot over blood, a phoenix risen from the ashes of slaughter and eradication

Mr. Sneaker-man leaves prints of his feet walking away – each toe marked

Mr. Sneaker-man is Mr. Barefoot-man

Attempt to perceive the man once known – enchanter, magus prevailing – see that him changed into someone else. Faded.


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